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Was one of Georgia’s founding fathers as cute as a Button? Did someone name their kid after a button, or was a button named after someone named Button Gwinnett?

How do you come up with an idea to do a fun public art project made out of giant buttons? Well, you start with a panda, yes panda, that cute little bear. So, one afternoon I told my partner “John, I think I want to do a public art project in Gwinnett with decorated pandas, like the cows and turtles, but instead Pandas”. His response… “great idea, but why don’t you use buttons?” Looking very puzzled I asked him “what do buttons have to do with Pandas?” I quickly got a history lesson that Gwinnett is named after Button Gwinnett, an original signor of the Declaration of Independence. I thought John was kidding and had to Google what he told me, and what do you know, after living in Atlanta for over 35 years I had no idea that there was someone name Button Gwinnett. and so the button was born.


After joking around about pandas, buttons, maybe a panda holding a button, we settled that the art project should be made out of buttons, and not only be fun and artistic but educational. In celebration of Gwinnett’s 200th birthday, it is only appropriate to create 200 unique and artistic button sculptures to canvas the County with art.

And that is how a Button Art Sculpture project started, from a fun and silly conversation.

Chaz Y. Lazarian
Founder of Button Art


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